Three Way Show | Freddi, Dave & Kat | Comedy Showcase

The Wall Comedy Grünberger Straße 84, Berlin

Pretty simple. Three awesome international comedians get together to do one amazing stand-up show. 👩🏻‍ FREDDI GRALLE | Germany  As any pastor’s daughter would, German comedian Freddi Gralle wrote her first set during the Easter Sunday service. She never returned to church, but kept the judgy vibe. Now she prays to the comedy gods - instead of sermons, she delivers punchlines. And her friendly arrogance wins over even the most cynical crowds.  DAVE ADAMS | Australia  Dave Adams is an Australian Composer, Pianist, Vocalist, Capricorn, Comedian living in Berlin. He identifies as "strong Carrie vibes", and a "classic Gryffindor". Dave got in to standup by going to an open mic night in Berlin, and seeing one comedian after the other bomb [...]

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