Three Way Show | Anja, Victor & Kat | Comedy Showcase

The Wall Comedy Grünberger Straße 84, Berlin

Pretty simple. Three awesome international comedians get together to do one amazing stand-up show. 👩🏻‍ ANJA WOOT | Slovenia Cultivated and harvested in Slovenia, Anja Woot loves to tell personal, intimate stories mixed with an overdose of weirdness, unanticipated twists and a darkish sense of humour that keeps you captivated with laughter and questions like "But why?!". Her comedy has often been described as "ahahaha", "so good, the best" and "please get off the stage, this is a strip club". Anja was one of the finalists of the first Berlin New Stand-Up Award 2019. She didn't win, but neither did you, so shut up. Instagram: Facebook: www.facebook. com/AnjaWootComedian Victor Pãtrãşcan | Romania Victor is a pretentious stand up comedian [...]

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