Abgesagt Fairytale Forest

Briesetal Briesetal, Birkenwerder

Discover the mystical sunken birch forest, the valley and its unspoilt nature while hiking along river Briese. WHY SHOULD YOU GO? The Briesetal is one of Brandenburgs most scenic valleys, formed by river Briese. The quiet nature preservation area is home to mischievous beavers whose dams created a sunken birch forest. The valley is still dominated by unspoilt nature, seemingly untouched by humans. It's only a 40 minute train ride north of Berlin, making it the perfect day trip getaway from the city's hustling. Following the meandering river we traverse the mystical forest, walk on wooden planks through moors and marshes and explore natural habitats and endemic wildlife.During our hike along the valley we will take a lunch break at [...]

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