Little Switzerland

Amt Märkische Schweiz Amt Märkische Schweiz Dorfstraße, Landkreis Märkisch-Oderland

Discover the famous Märkische Schweiz, a hilly landscape formed by the ice age, known for its steep gorges and countless beautiful lakes. WHY SHOULD YOU GO? Famous Märkische Schweiz has it all: Lakes and streams, pristine forests, gorges and valleys, ponds and springs, moors and fish ponds, fields, meadows and hedges. The nature reserve is home to almost every type of landscape and unique wildlife. In every season, our hiking trail offers breathtaking views of the deep-blue Schermützelsee and the surrounding hilly landscape rich in dense forests. You will witness gorges as they were formed many thousands of years ago during the ice age. Just 60 km east of Berlin, this is the perfect get-away for everyone who needs a [...]

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