This is how it works

Newcomers and Locals

Seek exchange but don't meet each other


Brings them together through offers for culture and leisure activities

Mates and 'Heimat'

Friendships develop and social cohesion grows

Terms and conditions

  • HiMate will save the names and e-mail addresses of users. Sensitive documents like refugee papers or IDs will not be saved

  • Upon first usage every user have to provide proof of eligibility by presenting documents at our office. HiMate never make copies of these documents and never stores them.

  • HiMate vouchers do not give users any legal rights to enter premises or acquire tickets at partnering venues. Partners are free to deny entrance. If an event is sold out or the partner has any other concerns about the visitor, the partner is free to deny access

  • Cancellations must be communicated to HiMate or the partner 3 hours in advance of the event the users is planning to attend. If a user reserves vouchers but repeatedly does not use them without valid reason, HiMate reserves the right to withhold further tickets from that user temporarily or indefinitely.

  • Users need to show up at the venue 15 minutes before it starts

  • Users have to be able to present proof of eligibility when visiting events with HiMate vouchers. Partners are free to verify eligibility upon entrance.

  • Vouchers that are not linked to a specific date or event, must be picked up within 72 hours (3 days) after reservation. If the voucher is not picked up in time, we reserve the right to release it for reservation again.

  • Conditions and rules are subject to change without any legal notice.

  • The user confirms that he/she has read and understood the above terms and conditions.

  • The user confirms that he/she has read and understood our privacy notice and has been made aware of his rights regarding deletion and changing of personal data.

  • Other restrictions may apply