This is how it works

Newcomers and Locals

Seek exchange but don't meet each other


Brings them together through offers for culture and leisure activities

Mates and 'Heimat'

Friendships develop and social cohesion grows

Three reasons your company should support HiMate:

1. Smart & Efficient
With HiMate your products and services go straight to the people who can use them best to integrate better. Without extra effort or costs for you.

2. Trustworthy & Reliable
HiMate is supported by the volunteer work of around 50 experiences entrepreneurs and experts. Our verification process ensures that the aid goes to the right people.

3. Modern & Lasting Impact
With HiMate you not only do good, but you also increase the long term brand recognition of your products and services through social media & social PR. HiMate will be your partner. Each voucher is a welcome.

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