This is how it works

Newcomers and Locals

Seek exchange but don't meet each other


Brings them together through offers for culture and leisure activities

Mates and 'Heimat'

Friendships develop and social cohesion grows

Was does HiMate do?
HiMate brings Newcomer and Locals in moments in which they can get to know each other casually and on eye level.
We do that by organizing community events and providing a voucher platform that gives refugees and tandems between locals und refugees easy access to cultural and recreational events.
Our community events include cooking evenings, jam sessions, community parties or soccer tournaments, through which people with different cultural and financial backgrounds can easily get in touch. Members of our community can also organize their own HiMate event. Our cooperation partners for the voucher platform include cinemas, theaters, concert agencies and sports clubs.

What is HiMate's goal?
Our goal is to create a community, in which people can get to know each other on eye level and irrespective of their origin or financial background. In doing so we don't only want to facilitate integration but also support cultural exchange and strengthen societal cohesion.

Who is a Newcomer and who is a Local?
Newcomer includes everyone who is new in a place or a community. Regarding our main target group we try to avoid the term "refugee" and only use it for explanatory purposes. That way we want to avoid labeling on the basis of past events and create more eye height.
Locals includes everyone who feels home in a place or a community. The place of birth is not important in that respect.

How does HiMate work?
HiMate provides vouchers from companies and organizations for cultural and recreational offers. Users register and reserve their vouchers with their name and e-mail address. Alternatively they can reserve via e-mail or whatsapp, after subscribing to our newsletters. Tickets are then either sent electronically, deposited at the venue or we put names on a guest list -depending on the preference of our partner. Upon first usage we check each user's identity in order to ensure that our offer only reaches the intended people.

Where do I get vouchers?
You can easily reserve vouchers via our voucher page. If you are a company or organization and want to offer vouchers, please fill in our contact form.

How is HiMate financed?
HiMate was initiated by volunteers and is currently supported through donations from cooperating companies, organizations and private donors. As a charitable organization we can issue donation receipts. More Information

How can I support HiMate?
Every organization, company or institution, which provides cultural or recreational offers can offer vouchers on HiMate If you are a looking for volunteering opportunities, get in touch!

Who is behind HiMate?
Behind HiMate is a big team of voluntary supporters, who contribute their expertise as entrepreneurs and professionals in areas including IT, sales, PR, culture and politics. HiMate! does not pursue political goals.

For HiMate Users
Who gets vouchers?
HiMate vouchers are intended for refugees and people with low-income background - no matter the gender or origin. Every HiMate user has to prove that he/she is eligible for use upon first time usage. Example for that proof are refugee papers or evidence for low income situation, like the Berlinpass.
Since 2017 selected offers are available to tandems between locals and newcomers, depending on arrangements with every individual partner.

How do I use vouchers?
Vouchers can be reserved via our voucher page.

What happens next? How do I get to the event?
The form of using our offers depends on the offerer's preferences. In some cases we send out personalized vouchers, in others we will put your name on a guest list. In any case we will inform you about the process beforehand.
We reserve the right to temporarily withhold tickets from users who repeatedly don't redeem reserved vouchers without a valid reason.

For Companies and Organizations
What is the advantage for me as a company or organization in supporting HiMate?
HiMate takes away the extra work and effort that is often connected to social commitment. You just tell us what you want to offer, whether it's one-time or periodically (e.g. 20 cinema tickets per month). We make sure that your offer reaches people according to your conditions and wishes - in an uncomplicated and fast way. At the same time we make your social commitment visible to our users and beyond. HiMate already received lots of media attention (see below).

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