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Why HiMate!?

On HiMate! users find vouchers for cinemas, theaters, concerts or sport events: Opportunities to get in touch with other people and perhaps even start a friendship.

Aside from our vouchers we bring together people via community events that we organize ourselves. Events include cooking evenings, jam sessions, community parties and soccer tournaments. Moreover we give members of our community the possibility to organize their own HiMate! event.

Our goal is to create a community in which people can get to know each other irrespective of their origin and on eye level. That way we want to not only faciliate integration but also support cultural exchange and strengthen societal cohesion.

Via it's large network of partnersHiMate! reaches about 15.000 refugees in Berlin. After successfully establishing HiMate! in Berlin we want to expand the offer Germany-wide.

"Hi, Mate!" It’s a casual greeting. It’s a conversation starter. And it’s a way to connect. Maybe it’s the beginning of a friendship! Also HiMate! sounds like the German word “Heimat,” a place that is home, and an idea that is comfort and safety. The connection of both is excatly the message we want to spread every day.

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