This is how it works

Newcomers and Locals

Seek exchange but don't meet each other


Brings them together through offers for culture and leisure activities

Mates and 'Heimat'

Friendships develop and social cohesion grows

Our 5 Euro campaign

5 Euro make a difference. They can get you:

... half a month of streaming series online
... 2 packs of cheap pizza
... a few lottery tickets
... half a beer at the Oktoberfest get the point. And we think that you can best decide what your money should be used for.

But have you considered using just 5 Euro on a good cause per month?
Yes? Then please forget we asked. You are cool! Thanks for your commitment!

Not yet? Then we have a suggestion for you.

Support our work with only 5 Euro per month. Become a DonorMate!

Why donations and what are they used for?
As a charitable organization HiMate depends on donations. All donations do directly and 100% into our work. Donations are used to organize events, pay for promotional material (flyers, posters) or to pay the rent for our office. For more details and regular updates on the usage of donations, please visit our Betterplace page and follow us on Facebook

A subscription? Why?
We are thinking HiMate longterm. We want to still do in two years what we once started in 2015 (but then twice as good). That is why we are looking for small, regular donations instead of one-time large donations. This might take some patience, but it is also more sustainable.

Your donations help us to bring together even more people, who might otherwise not meet.

You want to support us with a donation via a different way? No problem, our donation account:

HiMate! gemeinnützige UG
IBAN: DE59 4306 0967 1214 1732 00

Thank you for supporting HiMate