This is how it works

Newcomers and Locals

Seek exchange but don't meet each other


Brings them together through offers for culture and leisure activities

Mates and 'Heimat'

Friendships develop and social cohesion grows

Why HiMate?
Many people in Germany still have no or limited access to social life - because they are new to Germany, aren't familiar with the culture yet or simply don't have the financial means to take part in cultural activities. As result people start talking about each other, asking themselves questions like "who are they" and often growing afraid of who they might be dealing with.

Integration efforts fail, society drifts apart and prejudices spread because people don't meet.

HiMate changes that. By creating space for mutual exchange we facilitate integration and strengthen social cohesion.

How do you we do that?
HiMate creates moments in which people of different cultural and financial backgrounds can meet on eye-level and get to know each other.

What does that mean exactly?
We create moments of encounter by offering vouchers for cultural and recreational events from partnering companies such as cinemas, theaters, concert venues and sports clubs.
Furthermore we organize our own events such as cooking nights, jam sessions, community parties or soccer tournaments.

HiMate is generally free of charge - so that everyone, no matter their income, can take part.

What is the vision behind HiMate?
Our vision is a society in which people meet each other at eye-level, irrespective of their origin or their cultural and social background.

What's behind the name?
"Hi, Mate!" is a conversation starter, a casual "hello!" between two people. HiMate starts a dialogue that might lead to a friendship and close ties to other "mates" of the community, including cooperating partners. HiMate also sounds like the German word "Heimat", a place that is home, and an idea that is comfort and safety. The connection of both is exactly the message we want to spread.

How did it all start?
HiMate was founded in 2015 after many refugees had arrived in Germany. Today, with the help of more than 100 partners and an active international community we create moments of exchange every day. Through our communities in Berlin, Düsseldorf and Lübeck we now reach some 20.000 refugees. Starting 2019 we offer vouchers in up to 25 German cities.

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