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Why HiMate!?

One of the biggest obstacles to successful integration is that many people cannot afford taking part in everyday moments of togetherness. They cannot afford an evening at the cinema or concert and thus stay at home -or in the refugee shelter.

HiMate! solves this problem by providing a voucher platform that gives people with limited financial resources access to cultural, recreational and supporting offers by companies and organizations.

With our offer we currently reach around 15.000 refugees in Berlin and give out up to 200 vouchers per week. Since the beginning of 2017 we also offer HiMate! to children and teenagers from low-income families.

"Hi, Mate!" It’s a casual greeting. It’s a conversation starter. And it’s a way to connect. Maybe it’s the beginning of a friendship! Also HiMate! sounds like the German word “Heimat,” a place that is home, and an idea that is comfort and safety. The connection of both is excatly the message we want to spread every day.